Trunk Shows

A bridal trunk show is a fashion experience arranged by boutiques to showcase a designer’s latest line of wedding dresses from the current season. Since bridal stores carry only a limited number of dresses, a trunk show gives brides-to-be the chance to see items they might not normally have a chance to try on. In the olden days, the latest collection of gowns from a designer were shipped to its retailer in a ‘trunk’, thereby giving this show its name. To ensure you get the best service possible during a trunk show, here are a few tips.

  • Trunk shows are by appointment only. Book your appointment in advance as soon as you hear about it. You can always cancel if you need to.
  • Arrive at a trunk show with an open mind.
  • Only bring along those whose opinions matter. Trunk shows are very busy, if you want to try on as many dresses as possible, bring as few opinions as possible.
  • Be ready to purchase on-site. Any incentives at a trunk show are only good for the dates of the show.
  • While not all trunk shows will offer deals or discounts on wedding dresses, Trunk Show incentives are usually offered by the boutique during these events.
  • Purchases from trunk shows are still ordered. The dresses sent in from the designer are samples only.
  • Once the trunk show is over, the dresses for the show will be sent back to the designer.


No trunk shows are currently scheduled.

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